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NBLL 2021


Pointbench 2.5 Quick Guide (.pdf file)

Scorekeeping (.pdf file)

Release notes


  • FIX: When reading from XML, read not only goalie ID, but also jersey number


  • FIX: Handle null values mId and mNo in goalie change
  • FIX: Crash when no league is selected in league select dialog box
  • FIX: In the end of period, change time first, than beep
  • TSK: Add timekeeping adjust parameter
  • TSK: Add English time format for game time
  • FIX: Delaying the game is only a technical foul
  • FIX: A better handling of error in event filling
  • FIX: Loading league data for the first time failed because of non-existing directory
  • TSK: Make backup when downloading league data
  • TSK: Add a command for scoreboard/TV communication restart

Version 2.6.162

  • FIX: Penalty list for fieldlacrosse (removed penalties which are not in the rules)
  • FIX: Incorrect reading YR, GR, GY cards from game data

Version 2.6.162

  • FIX: Allow whitespaces for time field
  • FIX: Reading FPS, TO, CT form XML did not work
  • TSK: Improve readability of event list: mark goals, add player numbers
  • FIX: Start with flag maximized to avoid layout problems
  • CHG: New shot type "no shot"
  • FIX: Override event type if shot/FPS becomes a goal
  • FIX: Non-working BS when entering time
  • FIX: Access rights problem when storing temporary files

Version 2.5.151

  • CHG: Add day of week to game selection dialog
  • CHG: Game signing housekeeping before the use
  • FIX: League selector ignored ENTER (in general, no keys were handled by the form)
  • FIX: Allow entering only digits to time controls
  • TSK: Use goal category 'own' goal for women's lacrosse, have separate lists for goal category
  • TSK: Automatic adding 'draw' after 'draw-ctrl', use 'draw-player'
  • TSK: Handling draw, draw-ctrl
  • TSK: Define 'Draw' and 'Draw player' events
  • TSK: Have a separate game event list for each sport

Version 2.5.147

  • FIX: Foul FPS was recorded as none ('N')
  • TSK: Add 'foul' event
  • FIX: Team short names were not read from stored league games
  • FIX: Exception if year was missing in game list
  • FIX: Handle events with no time information (assign the most recent event's time)

Version 2.5.145

  • TSK: Add 4th referee and assessor to game record

Version 2.5.143

  • FIX: Game comments were not stored
  • NEW: Allow to add MVP players, one for each team

Version 2.5.141

  • FIX: Report duplicate numbers only once for each offending player, skip players with no number

Version 2.5.140

  • FIX: Unchecked players are excluded from duplicate jersey numbers check

Known issue: The message box with duplicate jersey warning can appear more than once if two or more players have the same number in a team roster.

Version 2.5.138

  • TSK: Check for duplicate numbers wheen editing jersey numbers
  • TSK: Program modes introduced (Basic, Advanced)

Version 2.5.137

  • FIX: Error in reading league data (with message "File ... already exists")
  • NEW: Added menu item File | Exit

Version 2.5.134

  • FIX: Cannot find official-list.xml file after league data updating
  • FIX: Read referee license info from a new XML format
  • NEW: Item "NOT LISTED" added to referee list

Version 2.5.132

  • FIX: Cannot find officials-list.xml file problem after league data updating

Version 2.5.132

  • FIX: Make a referee list available without re-downloading data from the server
  • NEW: Only listed referees are allowed to be used

Version 2.5.130

  • FIX: Fieldlacrosse technical penalties: use the correct decimal separator
  • FIX: Flipped time of saves automatically added to shots on goal
  • FIX: Enable 2nd assist for boxlacrosse
  • NEW: Individual statistics editing (LB, TO, CT)
  • FIX: Do not allow to enter event without event type

Version 2.5.126

  • Fixed problem storing game-export.log to program folder

Version 2.5.125

  • Allow using guest players (have a short name ov their home team)
  • Put comma after the last name of them player
  • Do not allow to enter an event without event name

Version 2.5.121

  • Updated women's penalties names
  • Game status attribute added to game summary dialog

Version 2.4.117

  • Handle internet connection errors (part 1)
  • Better message if there is an error in game export

Version 2.4.116

  • Switched penalties with and without goal in game summary
  • Fixed loading/saving goalie saves when game summary dialog is not open at least once

Version 2.4.115

  • Added entering game result only (experimental)

Version 2.4.114

  • Fixed reading penalty lengths
  • Fixed typo in game misconduct penalty name
  • Fixed reading sport mode from league data and stored settings
  • Fixed reading penalty execution success statistics

Version 2.4.113

  • Fixed problem with unsorted player list editing
  • Setup for the Czech National Box Lacrosse League
  • Added game misconduct/game expulsion penalties

Version 2.3.111

  • The first automatic Pointbench setup ever
  • Embedded definition of selected German leagues
  • League data download (on demand, from File|Select league)

Version 2.3.109

  • Period count and length can be defined in league data
  • Maximum players for game limitation implemented

Version 2.3.108

  • Limit assists to 1 for women's and field lacrosse
  • Sort team rosters in the main window by player names
  • Penalty description and length swapped
  • Allow moving between penalty description and length by typing (digit or '.') and any letter
  • Correct hints for penalty length hints used